Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning, and Ministerial Education Fund Grants (MEF)

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the California-Nevada Annual Conference Continuing Education website! The care and feeding of our professional and personal life is crucial in becoming transformational leaders. On this website you will find our mandated Continuing Education Unit Policy (CEU), forms and many, many opportunities to fulfill the CEU's. 

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact me at or (408) 294-9796.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Susan Smith, Chair
Council on Clergy Development






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CEU Approval Committee Deadline

Mandatory Continuing Education Policy
Information Regarding Availability on Continuing Education Grants
Information Regarding Availability of Supportive Service Grants
Information Regarding Sabbaticals

Events Approved for CEUs
CEU/MEF-related Forms and Applications (includes Grant and Participant and Provider forms)

Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory (LPLI) California-Nevada Annual Conference Aggregate Results, December 2008 (downloadable file)

CEU Approval Committee Deadline

The CEU Approval Committee meets quarterly to approve events for CEUs. 

The next meeting will be 3/7/17 at 2pm with a deadline of 3/1/17.

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Mandatory Continuing Education Policy

California-Nevada Annual Conference
Board of Ordained Ministry
Mandatory Continuing Education Policy
April 26, 2009
Revised August 26, 2009

The Board of Ordained Ministry of the California-Nevada Annual Conference requires eight CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) per quadrennium for all active clergy. One CEU=10 hours of instruction. At least one CEU per year will be completed with a total of eight per quadrennium. Special circumstances due to appointment status will be addressed in consultation with the Conference Relations Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry. The eight CEU's are divided as follows:

  • 1 CEU in intercultural competency
  • .5 CEU in Clergy Boundaries
  • .5 CEU in one's spiritual formation
  • 1 CEU in disciple making

The remaining 5.5 are to be distributed among:

  • professional competency development
  • career assessment and life planning
  • self-care and personal growth

When participating in personal self-care activities that don't offer CEUs, one doesn't need approval from the CEU Approval Committee. However, personal self-care activity CEUs do not qualify for the use of Ministerial Education Funds (MEF).

Please note: The CEU Approval Committee meets quarterly. Click here for the next deadline for CEU Participant and Provider Forms.

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Information Regarding Availability on Continuing Education Grants

The Board of Ordained Ministry provides grants to clergy who are participating in approved continuing education classes and events. The Board has approved grants up $600 per calendar year for each clergy person. You many access a portion or all of your MEF funds for a quadrennium, up to $2400.00 at one time.  

If you were not under appointment for the full quadrennium you are only eligible for $600.00 per year appointed.  Once you have accessed those funds in full, they are no longer available until the beginning of the next quadrennium.  

If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact the BOOM Financial Secretary, Harry Bettis at or 916-423-3034.

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Information Regarding Availability of Supportive Service Grants

The Board of Ordained Ministry will change the way it handles Supportive Service Grants for clergy and family members beginning January 1, 2010. If you have a health plan that provides for outpatient counseling [most do], then you would not be eligible for these funds. Supportive Service grants will be available to those who do not have adequate insurance to cover outpatient counseling needs. The grant will cover one-half of your counseling expense. In addition, each family will have a limit of $1,500 per calendar year.

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the BOOM Financial Secretary, Harry Bettis at or 916-423-3034.

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Information Regarding Sabbaticals

The Council on Clergy Development interviews full members and associate members for sabbatical leave and makes the recommendation for sabbatical leave to the Board of Ordained Ministry. The Board of Ordained Ministry then makes their recommendation to the Annual Conference Session. Please contact Susan Smith, the Chair of the Council on Clergy Development (408) 294-9796 or to initiate the process. She will assign two members of the Council on Clergy Development to interview those requesting sabbaticals. The interviews will be based on the concerns outlined in paragraph 352.

Members going on sabbatical leave may apply for a $600 grant from Ministerial Education Funds (MEF) provided they meet the guidelines.

The Lilly Endowment funds sabbaticals. Their contact information: National Clergy Renewal Program, Jean M. Smith, program director, religion, (317) 916-7350, The Louisville Institute also funds Pastor’s renewal leaves: If you learn of any other funding sources, please share your information with the Council on Clergy Development.

The Council encourages sabbaticals and will be glad to help you throughout the process!

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