Klamath Roof Project

November 04, 2015

I just returned late last night from the Klamath Roof VIM project.  It was a great week.  I moved up the project from mid-November to last week, fearing that the rains would come.   It seemed like a God thing:  we had great weather Monday and Tuesday which allowed us to deal with the section of the roof that was badly leaking.  It then poured Tuesday night.  Had we not finished the leaky section, the whole sanctuary would have been wet.  Yet, after the non-damaging rain Tuesday night, we had great weather Wednesday and Thursday.  We finished Thursday afternoon.  The eleven member VIM team came from five different churches.    The project leader, Haati Nai, was amazing.  For a big guy, he is amazing nimble.   Despite working 12 – 25 feet above ground, there were no injuries.   The total cost (paid for by the Shasta District Methodist Missions) came to $3,200.   Haati said that it would have cost at least $15,000 to have it done by a roof contractor.  The whole Klamath community is aware that the Methodist Church has a brand new roof!