Butterflies: A New Church's Experience at Sierra Service Project

March 07, 2014

By Kayt Kruk, Sacramento Weekend of Service Counselor from Reno First UMC
“So let me get this straight. You are going to take three middle school kids, over the hill to do work in a community that is not their own? And you are going to tell them that they cannot have their phones. Good luck with that.”
When I told my friend about our plans for Sierra Service Project (SSP) Weekend of Service in Sacramento, my excitement was crushed and replaced with uneasiness. But when we stepped into the church on Broadway, all of my butterflies cleared. The staff, youth, and other chaperones were so friendly and seasoned; I didn’t feel lost anymore. 
On Saturday, my team headed out to Nicholas Elementary to help with their learning gardens. Our job was to move some heavy blocks, lay down weed barrier cloth, and replace the mulch. With a couple of teachers, the principal, and leaders from Soil Born Farms there to help us, the youth learned about horticulture and important reasons to grow our own food.
The best part of the day was watching the youth work together and their smiles. They not only worked hard, but they always asked for another job.
I cannot thank SSP enough for this experience of getting out and helping people who need it, just as our church teaches us. The value of teamwork was the best lesson taught. We made great friends and it will not soon be forgotten. The fellowship, community and stewardship will be with us every day that we walk our lives as Christians.

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