Cross-Cultural/Cross-Racial Pastoring Workshop

March 13, 2014

A workshop entitled "Conflict, Communication, and Strengthening the Church Community" for cross-cultural/cross-racial pastoring will be held on Thursday, March 13, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Conference Center in West Sacramento.  This is the second of three gatherings offered by i-Relate during this appointment year.  The goal is always to support clergy in cross-cultural/cross-racial appointments. The focus will be on managing conflict and confusion – internally and with members of congregations.  
In this workshop led by Dr. Shan McSpadden, Rev. Aeri Lee, and the Rev. Katie Choy-Wong, participants will:
-        Explore our values and the tensions which can develop when members of congregations have values that different from the pastor,
-        Practice communication styles which help to strengthen relationships in times of confusion and conflict,
-        Assess internal styles of conflict management,
-        Examine social, cultural and racial factors which influence confusions and conflict, and
-        Reflect on Scripture as a guide for strengthening witness and building ministry in conflict experiences.
The workshop is designed around past requests for the following: more time with case studies, more role plays, specific input from different ethnic groups, specific skill development, resources, and strategies.
There is no cost for the event.  Snacks and meals are provided.
CEU’s: This event has been approved for cultural competency .5 CEU credit.
Contact Becky Sheldon at (916) 374-1500, or by email to RSVP. For questions or requests, contact Dr. Shan McSpadden at, or (510) 849-8250.