Borrowed Houses Book Release

February 20, 2014

A member of the Georgetown Community United Methodist Church is the author of a book just released by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson.  In Borrowed Houses---a true story of love and faith amidst war in Lebanon is a memoir set in Lebanon during that country’s civil war, and its author, Frances Fuller was director of a Christian publishing house producing literature in the Arabic language.
Though she and her husband Wayne spent 30 years in the Middle East, 24 of those years in Lebanon, the book covers only the period 1980-1987, during which Lebanon was frequently in the headlines all over the world.  Events such as the Syrian occupation, an Israeli invasion, the massacre in the refugee camps, the deaths of American Marines in their barracks and the destruction of the American embassy all impacted the Fullers’ lives.
The book contains the on-the-ground experience of these events, plus many stories about ordinary Lebanese people: Frances’ staff in the publishing house, the Fullers’ courageous neighbors, friends, and the young people of their church.  She gives the reader what she calls “a worm’s eye view” of war, that of the powerless people who, through danger and chaos, just try to do their jobs and help one another survive.  Frances managed to establish a publishing house called Dar Manhal al-Hayat (House of the Source of Life) and to lead in the production of ground-breaking materials, such as history’s first Greek- Arabic Concordance of the New Testament, an indigenous church curriculum and many beautiful books for children. The publishing house continues now under the leadership of a Lebanese woman.
In Borrowed Houses was released in early January and can be ordered at and
Though the Fullers served in the Middle East under the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board they are now part of the Methodist community of the California-Nevada Conference and have participated as both pilgrims and behind the scene workers in The Walk to Emmaus.  Frances is chair of the church council in Georgetown and teaches a mid-week adult Bible study.
She is available to speak about her Middle East experiences in such venues as women’s meetings and book clubs.