400 Youth and Young Adults Gather for DECODE

February 13, 2014

More than 400 youth and young adults attended DECODE at Genesis United Methodist Church on Friday February 7. DECODE was a one night worship concert geared towards youth and young adults to encounter and experience God in new and relevant ways. 
Decode consisted of the bands, ViTribe, SHBX, The Great Transfer, DJ  ChrissyPoo and spoken word artists Glenda Jackson and Elisa Shalom. The theme for the event was "Grace." The speaker, Nick Belaski, shared various Biblical passages to explore how some folks in the Bible did bad things in life, but still able received God's Grace. As students entered the room, they received a card that said "Baggage" on it. This represented the junk that folks have in their lives. At the end of the sermon, the speaker challenged the students to take the baggage card and throw them in the various trash cans around the room. As students were doing so, volunteers clipped cards to a fence. Each fence turned into a letter. At the end of the service the fences were put together on stage spelling out the word "Grace." 
The majority of the churches in attendance were United Methodist Churches from the Bay Area, Sacramento and Petani UMC from Reno, NV, who made their way through the snow to get to DECODE. Other church communities Assembly of God, non-denominational, Baptist,  Pentecostal, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, and Apostolic Churches joined Genesis for the night.
The official hashtag for this event was "#DECODE2014." It's also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.