Bridges District Superintendent issues call to prayer

August 07, 2013

By Dr. Larry R. Hygh, Jr., communications director

"I'd like to call everyone, and I mean everyone, to prayer…I would like to call us all to focused, intentional, prayer for a genuine revival in our United Methodist Church," said the Rev. Schuyler Rhodes, District Superintendent for the Bridges District. This call to prayer was issued to the 88 churches and 12 circuits of the Bridges District. Rhodes encouraged congregants to find a place and gather with folks once a week at church, home, the local diner, any location and pray.

Rhodes challenged persons in the Bridges District to gather and pray for an end to the impoverishment of spirit that comes from bickering and arguing over pointless things. He said, "Pray for an explosion of grace and justice as we spend ourselves in service to others…prayer for an outpouring of God's Spirit upon this Church, this people." The idea for the call to prayer came from a breakfast conversation he had with a new pastor in the California-Nevada Conference, the Rev. Fred Smith of Wayside United Methodist Church in Vallejo. 

Smith will host the first group next week at Wayside in Vallejo. Smith says that prayer will be the only agenda. Smith said, "The idea is to come together as pastors, preachers, and whoever else to pray for revival and spiritual awakening." He added, "My prayer is that we will fill the refreshing of the Spirit to lead us out of despair, depression, and a spiritual wasteland."

Rhodes hopes that as folks gather and pray, they will pray not for a return of things to the way they used to be, not for the fulfilling of their own desires, but for an outpouring of God's wild and untamable Spirit on the Church. "My hope and prayer is that we will have groups erupting everywhere in the Bridges District as we come together to pray for a new day, a new time, a new spirit…a revival."