Claremont to Offer an Accelerated 2-Year Master of Divinity

June 27, 2013

Claremont School of Theology is restructuring its curriculum to allow students to complete the M.Div. degree in just two years, school officials announced today. Beginning in the 2014-15 academic year, students can finish the year-round curriculum in only 24 months, saving the average residential student nearly $22,000 over the course of the degree.

Using a blend of online teaching and intensive meetings, ministerial students can now complete the degree without relocating to Claremont, allowing students to participate in theological education while working and serving in their home communities. Historically, the M.Div. degree could not be completed in fewer than 3 years.


The move is in response to calls for more online degree options in theological education as well as the need to reduce the overall cost of theological education.  Officials explained that the new curriculum does both without sacrificing the academic quality for which Claremont is known. Furthermore, students who wish to take longer still have that option. The format was designed for maximum flexibility.


The new format will also allow students to complete the M.A. in Ministry, Leadership and Service in 18 months.  Online courses and intensive formats will also be central to the school’s long-standing Doctor of Ministry programs, including the new D.Min. in Entrepreneurial Leadership set to launch in Fall 2014.


Prospective students can apply for the new programs beginning this fall. For more information, visit