Wilderness Vision Quest

January 23, 2014

First UMC San Rafael and Ailson Hendley will be leading a Wilderness Vision Quest for adults this May. The tradition of retreating to the wilderness is found in most cultures, and follows in the footsteps of Moses, Jesus, and others from the Christian faith. It is a time spent away to listen to God in and through nature, to find healing, and new vision for life. In this case, participants will be invited into a solo time of four days and nights in the wilderness. The Vision Quest is open to adults and is appropriate for those who are in a time of transition, who are marking the passage into a new stage of life. This Vision Quest will be held from May 4 to 11 with four preparatory and community building meetings in the preceding weeks which can be done by Skype if a participant is not local. For more information, contact alisonhendley@yahoo.com, or (415) 453-8716. The event will take place in the San Rafael and the Ventana Wilderness.