i-Relate at Laity Session

June 13, 2013

i-Relate is looking forward to being with you in various ways at this year's Annual Conference Session. We believe that Intercultural Competency is a great skill to have helping us to understand and relate deeply with one another in diverse cultural contexts. We hope that our sharing will spark great conversation and engagement. We also offer various in-depth sessions throughout the year for further learning and exploration.


As one of the presenters at the Laity Session, i-Relate will be helping people to become aware of cultural impacts as we become more missional churches. See the i-Relate handouts for the Laity Session here.


Be sure to visit the Annual Conference section here. Print (or download and save to your computer) the documents you'll need – particularly a copy of the Recommendation and Budget. Items are being added daily, as we receive them, so be sure to check a final time before heading to Sacramento.

Should you forget, however, we will also make pre-conference documents available for printing at the FedEX/Kinko's copy center at 1200 and "J" Streets, at your own expense.

Note: If bringing a computer, there are no electrical outlets on the floor at the Convention Center, so bring extra batteries or schedule breaks to re-fuel.