UMCOR Depot West and United Methodist Women

January 09, 2014

The Conference United Methodist Women (UMW) will be sponsoring a 2014 team to UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City. Persons can volunteer for a week, or a weekend, from May 23 to 30. Volunteers will work to pack emergency kits for shipping to areas of need. The two segments of time are divided from May 23 to 26, and May 23 to 30. Transportation will be by car. Two choices of housing, The Episcopal Center and First United Methodist Church, allow team members to tailor their mission experience. Persons don't have to be UMW members to join the team. UMW is looking for youth groups, couples, men, and women. There is still room for about 20 persons to join the team.

Download brochure here.

For further information, contact Judy Church (209)522-2565, or e-mail,