Lake Tahoe is Setting for 'Elevation' Retreat: A Worship Workshop Retreat

March 25, 2013

Lake Tahoe, CA – Deep lake water and lofty mountains become biblical metaphors for the CEU-certified worship workshop being offered by well-known worship professor and workshop leader, Dr. Marcia McFee. The spectacular setting of Lake Tahoe and McFee's decades of experience leading, studying and teaching worship ( will give clergy and worship team members a deep experience of the theology and practice of worship.


"Elevation," Dr. McFee's next CEU event in Lake Tahoe, is scheduled for May 14-17, 2013. Past participants described the 5-day event as "inspirational," "helpful," with "so many ideas to take home and apply right away."


A study by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) showed that 85% of Conferences in the United Methodist Church require continuing education by clergy. McFee notes, "'Elevation' gives pastors and lay worship leaders CEU credits as they deepen their understanding of worship and enhance their ability to engage congregations in meaningful worship. Exciting worship resources are available and 'Elevation' helps leaders to incorporate these vital expressions with integrity, depth and full participation of the people."


Worship and congregational development topped the list of popular subjects for continuing education events, in the GBHEM study. The study revealed that Annual Conferences want "increasing effectiveness and vitality, spiritual formation, nurturing leaders, development of new skills and clarity in preaching and mission."


McFee responds, "When leaders of worship take time apart for enhancing design and leadership skills in a context where the theological and spiritual aspects of worship leadership are woven into practical application, each one of these goals is addressed. As 'Elevation' inspires and equips leaders, it also nurtures a hunger for continued learning because there are so many emerging resources and ideas about worship."


Completion of the "Elevation" schedule fulfills the requirements for 3.0 CEU's and includes significant time for spiritual renewal in the beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. To find out more and to register, click here (or copy and paste this url into your browser: