Alum Rock UMC Partners with Housing Organization

January 24, 2013

Throughout 2012 Alum Rock United Methodist Church joined with the Foundation for Housing Equity (FHE) in East San Jose. FHE is a non-profit, charitable organization founded by John Zamora and family. Its goal is two-fold: to help empower and provide opportunities for folks in the community who need a hand-up, and also to give young people in the community meaningful opportunities and exposure to cultural music and art. Some of the events organized by FHE include the Silicon Valley Music Festival, a cultural Cinco de Mayo celebration, an annual turkey give-away and an event surrounding Santa's toy shop.

Over the summer, the church was able to provide space for music classes and rehearsals for the Silicon Valley Music Festival. In return, they hosted the opening concert of the festival which filled the sanctuary. In October, the church was able to partner with FHE for its Halloween Trunk or Treat event. The event attracted 300 new faces to the church. Over the holiday season, the church was able to provide space, resources and volunteers for the Annual turkey give-away and Santa's toy shop events. The turkey give-away event served dinner to 138 people, gave turkeys to 28 families, and delivered 11 turkeys to those without transportation. At the Santa's toy shop event, 130 families were provided gifts for their children and gifts were delivered to 19 families without transportation. 
Plans for 2013 include making office space available for use by FHE. This will give them a space they can use to organize community events and pursue other FHE projects.