New Blog Post on 'Vital Signs and Wonders' Site

January 17, 2013

"At Open Circle, a relatively new and thriving young adult ministry in the South Bay, we are not completely convinced that worship has to necessarily take place on Sunday, nor do we believe that it has to be a weekly event following a regular format of prayers and hymns that's printed in a bulletin," writes the Rev. Samuel Yun, Minister of Young Adults at Los Altos United Methodist Church, in his blog post, "From the Beatles to Bobby Jo," on the Vital Signs and Wonders (VSW) blog site, January 16.

"In fact, there is no real set formula for the way that we do worship," he adds. "The only thing that we are convinced of is that it has to be infused with the five core values that undergird our ministry: Love, Faith, Relevance, Grace and Impact."
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