GBOD Resources for the Holidays

December 13, 2012

Worship resources for the holidays are available now to download from the General Board of Discipleship's (GBOD) Worship website.

There are four free downloads of musical Christmas works by Kenneth Morrison:
Arranged for piano, strings, and woodwinds.
Carol arranged for choir and instruments. 
Carol arrangement for choir, congregation, and instruments.
Carol arrangement for choir, congregation, and instruments.
Other Resources
It sometimes may seem, as servants of the church in music and worship – or as Sunday school teachers, secretaries, daycare providers, and parents – that the demands placed upon us during Advent and Christmas make our own observance and celebration of the season difficult, or even impossible. In the pressure of extra services and rehearsals, parties, pageants, and shopping, it is all too easy for us to lose sight of why we prepare for and celebrate Jesus' birth.
"Blue Christmas" recognizes those who suffer or struggle in our midst at this time, for whom it is difficult to celebrate the Christmas joy, and offers suggestions for ministering to them at this difficult time.  

Download Blue Christmas.