'Good Sam' Youth Create Companion Video for Dec. 16 Lectionary

December 13, 2012

By Ted Larson

This past Sunday, I worked with a section of the youth group at Good Samaritan ("Good Sam") United Methodist Church in Cupertino, to create a worship video based on one of the lectionary readings for Dec. 16, 2012: Philippians 4:4-7.
We wanted to make a worship video that we could share with the other churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference.
The group activity was to learn about voice production, and the subset of six youths all took turns being one of the voices, and also working at the computer seat as engineer to record one of the other youth. I then showed them how to do the final mix-down, applying EQ, compression, and limiting to get the amplitude the same on all the different voices. I then added a bit of music and saved the PowerPoint slides to be jpg files. The final production work was done in iMovie to set the length of each jpg to match the vocals.
Watch a preview of on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uEMLrfdDOM.
There are two versions of this for churches to freely download. One is an m4v version, for the older style 4:3 size video screen that is most common, and the other is an mov file for HD1080. Here are the links to both.
Downloads (due to the size of the videos, download time may vary by computer, so please be patient):
Churches – please feel free to download the preferred version for your screen and to use it on Dec. 16 or at another time.
(Download the latest version of QuickTime here.)