'Doing Justice' in the New Year: Conference PwJ Grant Applications Are Due in January

November 28, 2012

By Mary Liebke
CA-NV Peace with Justice Coordinator
Advocacy and Justice Committee

"Do justice" – "Let your voice be heard!"
Let the Peace with Justice Sunday funds help your church "engage in faithful advocacy." What are the issues we need to be concerned about as people of faith? How can we add our voices to the public debate? Jesus challenged the unjust systems of his society: Let us follow in his footsteps.
Advocacy is a central part of our biblical call! Studying and discussing social issues among ourselves isn't enough. We need to become a part of the public witness and advocacy process. Visit your members of Congress when they are in town. Invite them to address your church. Send a card, letter, or e-mail to legislators. Make phone calls. Write letters to the editor. Talk to friends and neighbors. Take a stand.
PwJ grants from the California-Nevada Annual Conference are available for up to $1500, for programs that help to "transform the unjust systems that are failing so many of our world's 'least of these.'" The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2012.
The following churches answered the biblical call in August of this year, with help from Peace with Justice grants: First United Methodist Church of Redding and UMC Merced – "From Death Row to Freedom: An Innocent Woman's Journey"; Davis UMC, Cal Aggie Christian Association – "Becoming Agents of Social Change"; Climate Education Program, Climate Reality Project, The Rev. Sharon Delgado; Buena Vista UMC – Wadi Foquin Community Development Partnership web site development, video and advocacy.
Contact me at mliebke@yahoo.com for a grant application and guidelines. Call me at 530.273.3678 for more information.
(A wonderful pamphlet, "How to Engage in Faithful Advocacy," can be ordered from cchilders@umc-gbcs.org.)
How will your church "do justice" in the new year?