Religious Preference Data Available to Conferences in January

November 08, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—The latest data on religious preferences and beliefs held by the U.S. population will be available to Annual Conferences of The United Methodist Church beginning in January. The General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) and the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) are partnering with MissionInsite, a church demographics provider, to offer data from the national survey at a reduced cost to the conferences.

"As we seek to reach more people on behalf of God and the church, it's important to understand 'who' is in our communities," said Karen Greenwaldt, GBOD general secretary. "This data allows church leaders to know about the people we all seek to reach. GBOD and GCFA are delighted to offer access to this data from MissionInsite."
The MissionInsite survey, called Quadrennium, will include data concerning:
  • 29 religious/non-religious tradition preferences, both now and 10 years ago
  • Active membership for 22 denominations, now and 10 years ago
  • Level of personal concern for 34 lifestyle issues
  • Level of agreement or disagreement with 20 social and moral issues
  • Current beliefs/feelings about the existence of God
  • Views about the person Jesus
  • The level of significance of religious faith in one's life, now and 10 years ago
  • If currently active in a religious congregation or other religious community, level of activity
  • 21 possible reasons for non-participation in a religious congregation or religious community
  • Reporting the level of 12 media choice preferences
  • Rating the importance of 23 activity preferences for participating in or looking for a religious congregation or other religious community
MissionInsite says the Quadrennium Survey will be updated in four years.