Advent Sermon Series - A Different Kind of Christmas

October 11, 2012

Rethink Church can help your local congregation meet its vital congregation goals to provide inviting & inspiring worship, engaged disciples in mission & outreach, small group ministries and strong children's & youth ministry.

Here are some ways we are helping this Advent
A Different Kind of Christmas is a program focused from the inside out – assisting local churches with resources to grow in discipleship, while connecting people uninvolved in church with opportunities to engage.
Three simple steps will get you started.
  1. Go to and download the free sermon series by Rev. Mike Slaughter to understand the theological focus of the program. (You'll find links to some great additional resources.)
  2. Update the new section "A Different Kind of Christmas" in Find-A-Church so others can engage your ministries.
  3. Prepare church leaders to welcome guests through Welcoming Training:   
This Christmas can be different, but it's got to start by making different choices earlier rather than later. Get involved now and Reclaim Christmas!
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