Theological Conference Is at Drew University This Month

September 13, 2012

A three-day conference, "The Future of Christian Spirituality and Interreligious Interaction," being offered at Drew University Sept. 26-28, will bring together church leaders, theologians, students, and lay people to examine the theological frontier of interfaith theology and the role Christianity can, and does, play in this dialogue.

The conference will serve as a vehicle for attendees and participants to deepen and reaffirm their spirituality in Christ through intentional interactions with other spiritual traditions.
It also will honor the legacy of Dr. Pyun, Sun Hwan, a leading theologian in Korea, a professor of Systematic Theology at Methodist Theological University in Seoul, and a 1967 graduate of Drew Theological School, who was defrocked 20 years ago because of his theological position on interreligious dialogue in Korea. His efforts to discern the future course of the Church, to advance God's reign through interfaith dialogue and collaborations, and to enhance religious spirituality through interfaith encounters will be discussed and recognized.
An array of speakers from the U.S., Korea, and other countries will engage attendees and one another on topics such as "Interreligious Dialogue Versus Interreligious Theology," "The Future of Comparative Theology," and "Interreligious Theology, Liberation, and the Church." In addition, workshop sessions and communal time around meals will be available for guests to interact with one another and continue discussions outside of the defined lecture periods.
Drew invites you to attend this memorable event.
For more information and to register, visit and look under "Upcoming Events." Contact Nancy VanderVeen, Director of Lifelong Learning at Drew Theological School, at, if you have questions.