Lewis Center Offers Free Resource to Help Churches Improve Worship Attendance

August 23, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC — To help churches improve worship attendance, the Lewis Center for Church Leadership offers the free resource, Why Worship Attendance Matters and Clues for Improving It. Hosted by Lewis Center Director Lovett H. Weems, Jr., the 10-minute video provides an overview of the importance of worship attendance and offers practical ways to improve it. The video is available online at www.churchleadership.com/attendance; it also may be downloaded.

In addition to the video, the Lewis Center offers several additional attendance resources, many of which are free. Of note is How Do New People See Your Church, a free handout with suggestions to help congregations view their churches and worship services from the perspective of new people. This and more resources are available at www.churchleadership.com/attendance.
The attendance information is offered as part of the Lewis Center's Reach New Disciples program. The goal of this program is to help congregations better connect with their communities through practical resources and insightful conferences.
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