Read the 'Right Questions for Church Leaders'

August 23, 2012

Lewis Center for Church Leadership Releases new book by Lovett H. Weems, Jr.

WASHINGTON, DC The Lewis Center for Church Leadership has released Right Questions for Church Leaders, by Lovett H. Weems, Jr. This booklet was created in response to requests for a collection of questions used over the years in "The Right Question" column of Leading Ideas, the Lewis Center's free e-newsletter. Weems, director of the Lewis Center, organized selected questions by topic and has made them available in this new collection.
Weems says, "'The Right Question' column grew out of my realization years ago that leaders spend far too much time trying to figure out the 'right answers' to a range of issues facing congregational life – while that time would be more profitably used in discerning a few key questions that can change the direction of a church."
The topics covered in Right Questions for Church Leaders are: The Church's Purpose; Remembering a Ministry's Purpose; Identifying and Supporting Leaders; Communication; Reaching New Disciples; Seeing Your Church as Others Do; Reviewing Programs; Creative Abandonment; Assessing Differing Directions; Planning; Understanding Your Church's Identity; Knowing What's Going On; Making the Most of Meetings; Making Good Decisions; Facing Challenges; and Personal Reflection and Assessment.
Right Questions for Church Leaders is available as an e-book for Kindle and Nook for $5.99 and as a printable PDF for $7.99. Get more information at
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