WJC Says General Church Stand on Full Inclusion Is Wrong

July 26, 2012

A UMNS Report
By Kathy L. Gilbert*

11:00 A.M. ET July 26, 2012 | SAN DIEGO (UMNS)
The Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church has issued a "Statement of Gospel Obedience" that emphasizes that Christ's grace and love is available to all, and that The United Methodist Church is in error on the subject of "homosexuality's incompatibility with Christian teaching."
Delegates to the jurisdictional meeting July 18-21 voted to extend "extravagant hospitality" to all people, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, or persons whose gender expression is ambiguous.
Retired Bishop Melvin Talbert was asked to oversee a Western Jurisdiction grassroots movement that challenges bishops, clergy, laity, and local churches and ministry settings to operate as if the statement printed in the denomination's law book – Paragraph 161F –"does not exist."
Talbert said he has stated many times, publicly, that if asked to perform a same-sex marriage he will do so. He also said the active bishops of the Western Jurisdiction "will be bishops of the church" and uphold church law.
Bishop Minerva Carcaño, president of the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops (at right), said during her address to the jurisdiction that the bishops "are of one mind."
"We believe that our beloved United Methodist Church has been less than faithful to the biblical mandate to accept all God's children including our LGBTQ(IA) brothers and sisters. We assume responsibility for preaching and teaching in every place we serve, this good news of Christ Jesus who welcomes all," she said.
Efforts to reach officers of the Council of Bishops for comments on the Western Jurisdiction action were unsuccessful.
The five jurisdictions in the United States met in their regions July 18-21. Jurisdictions meet once every four years to elect bishops and conduct business.
During the worldwide 2012 General Conference April 24-May 4, the church voted to retain current language in its law book that declares, "homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching." Other sections of the law book state "self-avowed practicing homosexuals" may not be ordained as clergy, that United Methodist clergy may not perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, and that same-sex wedding ceremonies may not be in United Methodist churches.
"We pledge to you that we will continue to work for that day when we, The United Methodist Church, can truly live up to our logo of open hearts, open minds, open doors," Carcaño said.
The Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church encompasses the eight westernmost regional conferences of the United States, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Guam, and other territory in the Pacific.
In other action, the Western Jurisdiction apologized for the actions of the 2012 General Conference and said it plans to write letters to the editors in the major newspapers of each Annual Conference (regional body) in the jurisdiction, informing them of the apology.
The jurisdiction also suggested the penalty of a suspension for 24 consecutive hours from the exercise of episcopal office, for any bishop charged, tried, and convicted of ordaining or appointing a "self-avowed practicing homosexual." The jurisdiction can only suggest a penalty; the trial court sets the penalty.
The action means the jurisdiction "can no longer passively live with the hypocritical oxymoron of a denomination that declares that 'God loves all' while it excludes some people from acceptance and leadership based on sexual orientation," said Greg Nelson, director of communications of the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.
The action is an effort "to change the conversation" and move forward, he said.
"The Western Jurisdiction embraces the denominational brand promise of 'Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors' and is working to make it a reality."
*Gilbert is a multimedia reporter for the young adult content team at United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee.

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