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July 12, 2012

By Delilah Fakalata

The California-Nevada United Methodist Women are excited about our upcoming Mission Education Events (formerly School of Missions). We have several weekend and one-day events coming up, beginning this summer, and taking place all over our Annual Conference.

This year's theme is, "So That ALL May Have Life," and will focus on three studies: Haiti (geographical), Immigration in the Bible (spiritual growth), and Poverty (social issue).
Study leaders will include the Rev. Phil Lawson, Rosa Washington-Olson, the Rev. Holly Hillman, the Rev. Myrna Bernadel-Huey, Dr. Anele Heiges, the Rev. Samuel Hong, the Rev. Hyok In Kwon, and many other talented, passionate persons from all over.
We are very excited to announce that the one-day events will have youth and children studies, and at specific events there will be a Korean- and Spanish-language study. We also have received approval for .5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)!
One-day events are scheduled for:
  • Saturday, July 28 at New Vision UMC, Milbrae
  • Saturday, Aug. 11 at Clovis UMC
  • Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 at Visalia UMC
Weekend events are scheduled for:
  • Aug. 24-26 at Hotel de Oror, Santa Nella, CA
  • Sept. 21-23 at Ramada Inn, Reno, NV
These events have become a staple in my spiritual growth. At one time, I was under the misconception that the UMW is for retired women – but at my first Mission Education Event, I was proved very wrong. The Mission Education Events are hosted and organized by the United Methodist Women, but have been created for anyone who's interested in missions, in growing spiritually, and in standing up for social justice. At an M.E.E., a person's eyes can be opened to the reality of what is happening in our own backyards and across the ocean. A Mission Education Event doesn't just inform us, but also helps us discover ways to respond.
I encourage anyone who has the slightest interest to attend one of these events. I also encourage someone who has gone to such an event, but can't attend one this year, to sponsor a young person in going. We all are just waiting for a tap on the shoulder and for someone to say, "Go."
For information on pricing, scholarships, and registration – along with information about other UMW events happening throughout our Conference – please visit