Register by July 15 for 'Sacred Quest'

July 12, 2012

The San Francisco Theological Seminary Program in Christian Spirituality is offering a Christian Sacred Quest in the Ventana Wilderness from October 17 to 28. The registration deadline is July 15, 2012 – this Sunday.

The Sacred Quest is a wilderness rite of passage that helps people mark transitions in their lives – the publicly recognized ones, such as marriage, a new job, or elderhood, along with as the internal ones, such as embracing the courage to face what is real, learning how to grieve, or claiming the safety of experiencing one's feelings. It is a time for reconnecting with the God who calls us to wholeness and invites our participation in the world. This experience encourages questers to discern God's movements through nature, listening to God, self and the rest of the beloved creation.
If you want to sign up or have questions, contact Alison Hendley, a pastor at First United Methodist Church of San Rafael, at, or Nancy Wiens at 415.454.5028 or – or visit the SFTS website,