More ACS Videos Available to View, Download, or Purchase

July 12, 2012

Three new videos from the 2012 California-Nevada Annual Conference Session have been posted to the "REEL Witness" video library on the Conference website,

Click on "REEL Witness" (found under "Areas of Interest" on the right side of the Home Page), and then click on "Featured" (under "Browse Videos") to watch or download:
  • the Rev. Don Fado's sermon during the Journey of the Saints service
  • the Laity Address
  • San Pablo UMC (a video played in celebration of the ministry of that church) –
– along with to the following videos, uploaded several days ago:
  • the State of the Conference Address
  • presentation of the Bishop Talbert Award to the Rev. Schuyler Rhodes
(Note that in order to download videos, you first must establish a free account with REEL Witness. After doing so, when you log in to the site you will have the download option available.)
In addition, the Journey of the Saints (Memorial) Service, the Service of Commissioning and Ordination, Opening Worship, and all the keynote talks by the Revs. Rudy and Juanita Rasmus are available to view at
At that site, you also may purchase DVD and CD versions of
  • the Journey of the Saints service
  • Ordination service
  • presentations by Rudy and Juanita Rasmus
by clicking on the "to purchase" link.
We will continue to upload ACS videos to REEL Witness throughout the summer, as time allows, and after doing so will post an announcement to the News area of the website.
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