ACS Videos

June 28, 2012

Want to re-live Annual Conference Session – or catch the parts you missed? You can! We will be making available all the videos from the 2012 Annual Conference Session, in a variety of ways.

Watch complete worship services
Worship services (including music), along with the session's keynote talks by Rudy and Juanita Rasmus (pastors of St. John's Downtown United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas), will be available to view at
Only the Service of Commissioning and Ordination and Pastor Rudy's address have been uploaded so far, but the other services and Pastor Juanita's talks will be viewable at the site in the days to come. The menu allows you to see what is available and to choose what you wish to view (titles of sessions become links, as new items are uploaded).
Purchase DVDs
DVDs of the worship services (not including music, because of copyright) and the keynote talks also will be available for purchase – possibly by next week. To order, go to and click on either "DVDs & CDs" or "Online Ordering of GNTV Event Recordings," then click on the navy box with the message, "Order DVDs, CDs, and Download Audio from Past Events HERE" – and finally, select "California Nevada AC" from the categories list on the left side of the page. Again, this option should be open to you by sometime next week.
Download from REEL Witness
Finally, over the next 1-2 weeks Cal-Nev Communications will break down the individual elements of ACS, edit them to create separate videos, and upload them to the Conference video library, REEL Witness. (The link to REEL Witness is located on the Home Page under "Areas of Interest.") Anyone who sets up an "account" (providing basic information such as name and email address) then may download these videos and save them to their own computer.
We will post short announcements to the "News" section of the website, when new videos are uploaded. (Check and click on the "News" tab to catch up with the latest stories.)