Emerson Novel to Be Available at ACS

June 14, 2012

To be featured at the Frankfurt (Germany) Annual Book Fair, as well

The Rev. John Emerson, a retired elder in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, is promoting his new novel, Beneath the Linden, and will do a book signing at Annual Conference Session.
Beneath the Linden is based on a true story that features three Cal-Nev Conference clergy families – the late Rev. Dr. J. Wesley and Esther Farr, the late Rev. J. Richard Hart and Doreen (now Mrs. Hinshaw), and Rev. John and Janice Emerson. At the request of the story's protagonists, names of principal characters have been fictionalized.
Set in the international conflicts of 1960s Eastern Europe, Beneath the Linden tells about love and heroic courage in spite of impossible odds. Marlo, an American student overseas, meets and falls in love with Karl, an East German medical student. Karl tries to escape the Iron Curtain for the West, in order to start a new life with Marlo. But Warsaw Pact troops, mobilized in August of 1968, create an unexpected obstacle, and the couple's future appears doomed. The story reveals little-known realities about life in former Communist East Germany – but even more, discloses the indomitable human spirit.
An editorial board has posted Emerson's literary work in the Hollywood Database, recommending adaptation for a full-length motion picture. The board's critical review stated, in part, that the novel "is well-written and engaging, with a historically-rich setting and believable characters...Though told from a third-person perspective, Emerson still manages to get inside his characters' minds and convey their suffering and devotion...The conflict and tension of the plot is very well sustained throughout the novel and described in vivid and painful detail...Emerson has created an entertaining, emotionally resonant and unique piece of work that deserves to be viewed by both readers and future audiences alike."
Rev. Emerson's publisher, Xlibris, has selected the novel for exhibit at the Frankfurt (Germany) Annual Book Fair in October that draws hundreds of thousands of people from 100 countries, many of whom are professionals in the literary world.
A sequel, The Sun Rises in the West, about the extraordinary exploits of Hans Heinrich (who is introduced in Beneath the Linden), is underway.
You may buy Beneath the Linden from Cokesbury at Annual Conference Session. The author will be available to sign copies at Cokesbury on Thursday afternoon (beginning at the lunch break, and ending at 3:30) and from 8 to 11 a.m. on Friday morning.
You also may purchase it through Xlibris.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local independent bookseller.