Donate and Buy Used Books at ACS!

June 14, 2012

Beginning on the morning of the first day of Annual Conference Session – Wednesday, June 20 – the Conference Archives and History Commission will accept donations of relevant books in good condition, to be re-sold to benefit the Conference Archives and History Center at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley (under the supervision of Conference archivist Dr. Stephen Yale).

The committee – which is small in number – would appreciate your help in arranging the books that you donate.
The four used book tables will be located at the top of the escalator, near the third floor lobby where Cokesbury has been set up in recent years. (This year, displays will occupy the lobby space and Cokesbury will be in Rooms 309 and 310.) The tables will be appropriately labeled and easy to find for first-timers. 
Paperbacks will be priced at 50 cents each and hardbacks at $1 each. However, representatives from the Fiji Islands seminary have been granted permission to select books from the table that will be helpful to their students, at no charge. 
Books not sold or selected will be taken to a community library for use as is deemed helpful.
For more information or to make suggestions, contact Sarge Wright, commission chair, at 916.729.7079 or