Documents for ACS

June 07, 2012

Before heading to Sacramento for Annual Conference Session, be sure to print the documents you'll need – particularly a copy of the Recommendations and the Budget.

Should you forget, however, you will be able to access them through the Intranet (not Internet!) server that we introduced last year, made available courtesy of Ken Iwahashi at the KKI Corporation.
Pre-conference items, such as reports and recommendations and resolutions, as well as at-conference items such as revised recommendations, photos, and announcements will be available to access from your laptops or mobile phones as needed.
Be reminded, though, that there are no electrical outlets on the floor at the Convention Center. You will need to make other arrangements for keeping your laptop charged.
As we have done in the past, we also will make pre-conference documents available for printing at the Kinko's copy center at 1200 and "J" Streets, at your own expense.