Workshops, Mealtime Events, and District Dinners: Don't Forget to Sign up!

June 07, 2012

There are things you just shouldn't miss. For example: The chance to attend a mealtime event – or your district dinner – at Annual Conference Session! Don't forget to sign up.

And if you're going to be attending ACS as an observer (non-voting), you definitely should not miss the opportunity to attend a workshop led by one of this year's special guests.
The Rev. Rudy Rasmus, keynote speaker, will lead one workshop and the Rev. Dr. Lisa Allen, worship planner and leader, will lead the other. Unfortunately, you will have to make the difficult choice of which to attend, since there was not time available for each to be offered twice.
Rev. Rasmus' workshop is titled "TOUCH" and will offer practical application for touching the community around our respective churches in a tangible and meaningful way. It will include expanded Q & A for those with additional questions from the Friday evening session.
"Building Disciples Through Worship" is the title of Dr. Allen's workshop. She will explore the significant role worship plays in transforming church attendees into disciples.
Cost of each workshop is just $10. Sign up at