Open Forum on the Decreasing Access to Higher Education

June 07, 2012

By the Rev. Mike Harrell
Conference Committee on Higher Education and Campus Ministry

It seems that every week there is a new story illustrating the ongoing crisis in higher education: More students finding themselves priced out of a college education due to ongoing increases in tuition. Students finding it more difficult to complete their academic programs because of cuts in state funding that lead to cuts in classes and programs. Students saddled with staggering financial debt before even entering the job market. 
These realities don't just affect students, they affect us all. Our Conference Committee on Higher Education & Campus Ministry and our Conference Committee on Advocacy & Justice believe it's important that we understand the issues around the decreasing access to higher education – as well as the implications of the student debt crisis and the impact both have on the health and stability of students, families, and our communities.  
During Annual Conference Session, come learn more about these issues from a public policy perspective – and then hear about how you can mobilize and advocate for positive change. Paul Steenhausen from the state's Legislative Analyst Office and Libby Sholes from California Council of Churches will be our featured speakers on Thursday, June 21 at noon, at the Legislative Analyst Office, 925 L Street, Suite 1000 in the 11th floor conference room. This is just a few blocks from the Convention Center, within easy walking distance.
Take your lunch with you to the forum.
Sponsored by Conference Committees on Higher Education & Campus Ministry and Advocacy & Justice.
Space is limited, so please RSVP to if you would like to attend.