Please Take Conference Offering: Bulletin Insert Available

June 07, 2012

This weekend or next, churches are encouraged to take a special offering to contribute to the Conference Offering, taken each year during Annual Conference Session to benefit a designated mission project somewhere in the world.

We have prepared a resource to assist in this collection – a full-color bulletin insert (in PDF format). The insert is available to download on the ACS 2012 Resources page on the Conference website,
Traditionally, there has been an expectation that congregations would take a special offering to contribute to this mission opportunity. However, in recent years the sense that this is both a responsibility and a great privilege seems to have fallen by the wayside. Last year only 85 of the Conference's 363 churches made a contribution to the Conference Offering (added to $4,340 in cash from participants at ACS) – and the offering still enabled our mission partners in Cambodia to purchase three vehicles for their ministry!
This year's Conference Offering has an even more ambitious goal: To contribute significantly to eliminating deaths from malaria in Africa by 2015. Imagine the effect we could have if even a few more congregations took an offering for that purpose this year!
Please join us in Imagining No Malaria. Take an offering to benefit the Conference Offering, designated for Imagine No Malaria. By gathering our contributions together, from the smallest to the largest gift, we can make a real difference!