Don't Miss the June 19 CEU-earning Cultural Competency Workshop in Sacramento!

May 31, 2012

Have you completed your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the area of Cultural Competency? If not, don't miss the chance to attend the workshop being offered by, just prior to Annual Conference Session in Sacramento.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, June 19 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (the day before ACS begins), at First United Methodist Church of Sacramento, 2100 J Street.
There are several reasons you should attend:
  1. To earn those CEUs you have been putting off
  2. To beat the traffic and get to Sacramento a day early
  3. To spend a day with colleagues, learning 21st century relationship-building tools and skills
  4. To experience firsthand what all the excitement is about!
Some comments from previous workshop attendees:
  • "An excellent opportunity to get some tools and skills for working on a new relationship – sort of like pre-marital counseling! So helpful for understanding. I'd force them to take this course before they have a new appointment experience."
  • "Cultural competency is much, much more than racial or 'cultural' differences. It's also learning how to be mindful and intentional about human interaction and God-given uniqueness and differences. It's an exercise in looking below the surface and discovering and celebrating the many facets of 'made in the image of God.'"
  • "Actively pursuing in our process inclusivity and the ongoing pain and how deep we are in paternalism/self-righteousness, missing out on the gift that God has blessed us with that would reconnect us with the world around us as a Church."
  • "Don't assume you already know this. It's an opportunity to build skills about how to extend the inclusive work of God in practical ways and model God's reign."
For more information, download flyer – or contact the Rev. Dale M. Weatherspoon at 408.258.7368 or