Deadline Nears for Artwork Submittals for ACS

May 31, 2012

Students, parents, educators, and others – if you have a story to tell about student debt, tell it through a work of art at the California-Nevada Annual Conference Session!

"Voices of Student Debt" is the title of an art show the Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry is hosting at the 2012 ACS.
The aim is to provide a venue for the voices of students who must skip meals and forego their call to serve the community, of parents forced to postpone retirement, of struggling educators and administrators, and of churches that reach out to the community to provide a sacred space for dialogue.
The show will be located in the Displays area upstairs at the Sacramento Convention Center. It will be a sacred space where the stories and images that give voice to the student debt crisis are featured.
Art pieces – poetry, prose, photography, posters, paintings, and 2D visual art – will be displayed on shoji screen-like walls, with newspapers, headlines, and political cartoons about student debt incorporated. The display will contain interactive elements, as well.
Artwork must be submitted by next Tuesday (June 5, 2012) in order to have it considered for inclusion. Submittals will be evaluated based on how well they contribute to the show's overall narrative, and/or their presentation.
In order to have your work considered, you must submit an electronic image of each piece by June 5, along with a brief description of why it should be a part of the show. To do so (or if you have questions), contact Cassandra Lawrence at First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa, 707.545.3863, Ext. 206, or
A reception for the artists is being planned.