A Special Opportunity for Church Leaders: ACS Workshops

May 31, 2012

Pastors, invite your church leadership teams to join you at Annual Conference Session! Again, this year the conference will include a series of special learning opportunities for visitors, including two workshops on Saturday, June 23 from 8:30 to 10 a.m.

One workshop will be led by the Revs. Rudy and Juanita Rasmus, co-founders of St. John's United Methodist Church in downtown Houston (and ACS guest speakers), and the other by the Rev. Dr. Lisa Allen, ACS 2012 worship planner and leader (at left below).
Registration is open now. Look for the link on the ACS Resources page, a subpage of the 2012 Annual Conference Session page (navigate there by clicking on "Annual Conference Session" – found under "Quick Links" on the Home Page – and then select "ACS 2012 Resources" from the menu on the right). Or go to www.cnumc.org/register. Registration fee is $10 per person.
The workshops were created with mission-minded individuals and leadership teams in mind. Since they will be taking place during Plenary, when voting members will be focusing on legislation, the workshops are an opportunity created especially for those who ordinarily might not be at ACS – to receive special training from the conference's keynote speakers and worship leader.
And they are sandwiched between two other great opportunities for visitors – the keynote talks by Rudy and Juanita Rasmus. The first message will be delivered Friday evening and the second will follow the workshops on Saturday morning.
Conference Superintendent for Mission Collaboration Linda Caldwell says, "I encourage you … to come to Sacramento on Friday evening at 8 p.m., to hear Part 1 of the Rasmuses' message – and to stay through Saturday morning, to participate in one of the workshops before catching Part 2 of the keynote message."
The theme of the 2012 Annual Conference Session, "Be, See, Do What Matters to God – GO!" isn't just a slogan, but identifies the focus of ACS this year. Every aspect of conference will be geared to helping us know better how to live out God's call on our lives – and included in that will be the keynote talks by our outstanding guest speakers, exceptional worship planned and led by Dr. Allen, and the workshops for visitors. We don't want you to miss out!
Register for a workshop today!