Mind Your Vital Signs FAQs!

May 17, 2012

Every week, it seems, Vital Signs administrators get an email from one of our churches, asking if/how they can access back dates to add or correct information. The answer is … they can't!

The system only allows entries for a four-week period. All data needs to be entered and perfected during that time frame, because on the fifth week, the earliest date will drop off and churches no longer will be able to enter information to that earliest date or make corrections there.
Administrators do have access to earlier dates. However, it would be unduly burdensome to expect them to provide far-reaching data entry – so churches should do their best to perfect data within the four-week window, whenever possible.
For more information about how Vital Signs works, see Vital Signs FAQs on the Conference website. FAQs are located under the Resources tab.