Young People Were a Presence at General Conference

May 17, 2012

At 2012 General Conference, a greying Church attempted to cede some ground and let young leaders emerge – attempted to prove that it means it, when it talks about being committed to young people.

Indeed, young people were there – the California-Nevada delegation alone included two members still in their 20s and another who's younger than 35 – and at times, young voices were even heard: Cal-Nevada's Emily Allen and Yoshiro Nakajima, for instance, were recognized several times by the presiding bishop, and allowed to speak on the floor of General Conference. The body even took a baby step toward opening the ranks to young people by acknowledging that school schedules must be considered if high school and college students are to participate in the business end of the Church.
But the doors to the clubhouse were anything but wide open. Watch the 3 min. 47 sec. video at right to hear the perspectives of two young delegation members – Cal-Nev's Emily Allen and Oregon-Idaho alternate Vincent Myers.