Tracking with Trak-1

May 17, 2012

There seems to be some confusion about the new Trak-1 system for background checks. Contrary to what some people have believed, Trak-1 is mandatory only for Conference-sponsored activities. It is offered to local churches solely as a convenience, but is not required for churches' own programs.

In other words, while Trak-1 is the only system in use to provide clearance to take part in Conference-sponsored events such as working at camp, participating in UMVIM trips, etc. – churches that employ other means for background-checking their own volunteers are free to continue to do so. Please spread the word!
For more information about Trak-1, contact Eddie Frutchey at 916.374.1584 or
Please also note that Safe Sanctuary Training is to educate and inform, in order to create awareness around abuse. The training is not a policy, or practices to learn and follow. Policies and practices are formed by each organization or group (i.e. local church, VIM, Conference Camping and Youth programs, etc.) for implementation into its own program.
However, you are free to review the Conference guidelines that Youth and Camping follow, which are available on the Conference website.
To access, click on the Resources tab on the Home Page. On the Resources page that opens, look under the "Local Church" heading to find the Conference Abuse Prevention Guidelines link. (The link is located on the Safe Sanctuaries page, as well.)