Conference Peace With Justice Grant Applications Deadline, January 15

December 18, 2013

How can our conference Advocacy And Justice Committee help your church "engage in faithful advocacy"? What are the issues we need to be concerned about as people of faith? How can we add our voices to the public debate? Jesus challenged the unjust systems of his society. Let us follow in his footsteps.
The following churches and church-related groups answered the Biblical call this past year with the help of Peace with Justice grants:  1. Glide Memorial Methodist Church in San Francisco, with the "Tenderloin Neighborhood Focus: Advocacy for Social Justice Program" 2. The First UMC, Carson City, Nevada, for "The Capitol City Churches Initiative" expansion program 3. The First UMC of Napa, for training in the "Circles" program 4. Smith River UMC, for their Community Garden program 5. San Ramon Valley UMC, for their Palestine/Israel adult education classes and Town Hall format meetings, including David Wildman as a speaker 6. California-Nevada Immigration Task Force, to help them educate local communities on immigration issues and to mobilize them to advocate for a just and compassionate immigration reform 7. Campbell UMC for expansion into higher levels of security in their creative arts in worship program at the Santa Clara County Jails 8. Sierra Service Project, educating young people about social justice issues, to become effective advocates for social change in a six-week expansion program in Stockton, Central UMC 9. First UMC, Napa, for the "Hands on Training Circles Program 10. California Church IMPACT, "Building A Moral Economy program", preserving living wage jobs and working with the Mondragon Worker Cooperative and United Steel Workers 
Up to $1500 can be granted to Peace with Justice ministries, with priority given to United Methodists and affiliated organizations. E-mail Mary Liebke,, or call (530) 273-3678 for guidelines and applications, or more information.