How Are The Needs Of Addicts And Alcoholics Being Met In Your Congregation?

December 17, 2013

The faith community has a unique opportunity to invite those overwhelmed by the impact of addiction and alcoholism to accept the loving support and encouragement found within the faith community.  People rely on their faith communities for help and growth in times of stress and need.  We have begun to understand that the spiritual health of individuals is connected to their physical and emotional health. Faith communities are in a unique position to affect lives in a way you might not know.
It is estimated that one of four children lives within a family unit affected by use of alcohol or other drugs.  With those statistics in mind, it’s likely that some of them are members of your congregation.
Some basic information about the effects of addiction and alcoholism on families and children can make a significant impact in assisting them to heal and lead safe and healthy lives.
Knowledge and understanding of addiction is part of the process of hope and healing for your congregation and the community.  Your leadership can support people in their recovery process and can be instrumental in preventing others from starting down the road of addiction.  Our role in understanding is not to provide treatment or solve the problems arising from addiction.  But it is to provide a culture of congregational awareness and caring.  Many of the “interventions” you can make into the alcoholic/addicted family are easy to find and use. 
As coordinator of Addiction/Recovery/Health resources for the CA/NV Conference I have gathered together some resources for clergy and leaders in the faith community to use with alcoholic and addicted families.  It is not possible to fully understand the impact of alcohol and other drugs on members of the addicted family within this small space.   However, I would like to direct you to the CA/NV Conference web site ministries tab and the information regarding education of clergy and lay leaders.  Many of the sites that provide education for clergy are on line and/or have continuing education units available upon the completion of the unit.
Some of the sites listed on the web page are downloadable for bulletin inserts or printable information to post around your church campus.   Many of our Conference churches do provide meeting space for Alcohol or Narcotics Anonymous groups nurturing and safe environments that can be easily available.
Please, don't think of addiction awareness as just "one more thing I have to do."  Resources for you to provide a nurturing and safe environment are easily available.
Thank you for your time and the caring that you are providing to more of Christ's children.  I am ready to help you with whatever I can.
For more information, contact me, Rosie Bachand, at, or by call (209) 639-5258.
Click here for resources.
Click here to learn more about addiction recovery.