ACS 2014 Reports Letter from Conference Secretary

December 17, 2013

To:  Chairpersons of Conference Boards, Agencies, Committees, Task Forces, etc.
We need the report from your agency by April 15, 2014.  Please limit your report according to the word limit schedule below.  I refer you to our Standing Rules (Div. I.F.2):
2. Reports
a. Each council. Board, commission, committee or agency shall submit an annual report as an expressionof its accountability to the Annual Conference which shall contain:
       (1) The achievements of the previous calendar year.
       (2) Actions resulting from any recommendation adopted by the previous conference session on recommendation of the council, board, commission, committee or agency submitting the report, or referred to the agency by the conference session.
       (3) The number on the agency, number of votes received when the report was adopted, number for, against, and abstaining, date of first meeting and number of meetings held. The votes may be received via email or fax.
b. Each report shall be limited to the number of words specified by the Secretary of the Annual Conference.
Here are the Report Word limits:
Statistician                        2000 words or 4 pages
Treasurer                          1000 words or 2 pages
Board (except Pension)      300 words for board chairperson
                                        500 words for each committee, task force, chairperson, or division
Board of Pensions              1500 words or 3 pages
Core Team                        1000 words for the Core Team
                                         500 words for the chairperson
Areas of Mission Focus       500 words for each committee or task force
Finance and Admin             500 words, not including budget
United Methodist Men           500 words
United Methodist Women      500 words
All other agencies related to the C-NV Annual conference thru Nominating Committee responsibility                       500 words
Agencies related to the Annual Conference, but for Which the Conference does not have Nominating Committee Responsibility                     250 words
All reports need to be received by Kristin Sachen, the Conference Secretary by email and mailed hard copy to1270 Sanchez Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 by April 15, 2014.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone at (415) 647-8393.  Thank you for your contribution to our conference.