Minute by Minute Coverage at General Conference

April 26, 2012

Get the inside scoop through Tweets, podcasts and interesting perspectives as bloggers comment on daily happenings on the 2012 General Conference page.

Worship, special addresses, celebrations, and other plenary sessions will be available on live video streaming at gc2012.umc.org, or download the General Conference mobile app. Also available on the website will be daily news and feature stories, high-resolution photos, a "digital lounge" featuring short conversation segments with key persons — don't miss the interview with Marcia McFee — and other information.
Track the legislation OR join the conversation. Read and comment on the blogs or chat on the Twitter feed - just click on "Track Legislation" or "Join the Conversation" on the right side of the gc2012.umc.org page to get started. 
If you haven't been able to watch General Conference live - scroll down to the bottom of the 2012 General Conference page to view video highlights from the Conference or listen to the podcasts that are now available.
Stories and daily summaries also will be available by email from United Methodist News Service and on Facebook and Twitter.
And, remember to stay connected to our delegation! Be sure to follow the Cal-Nev Delegation as they blog, post and tweet photos and videos throughout the conference at:
Facebook: CalNev@GC2012
Twitter: @cnumcdelegation
Blogs, Photos, etc.: calnevgc2012.shutterfly.com
Today's live coverage began at 4:30 p.m. (PDT) with plenary session, followed by evening worship at 5:30 p.m.