GC 2012: Emily Allen Elected Secretary of the Discipleship Legislative Committee

April 26, 2012

Emily Allen, Cal-Nev Delegate to General Conference was elected Secretary of the Discipleship Legislative Committee, Wednesday, April 25, 2012. "I'm now the Official Keeper of the Discipleship Legislation (until acted on by our committee)," shares Emily on the Cal-Nev Delegation Facebook page. "That means I now carry my rolling bag on top of a new rolling box!"

Legislative Committees began their work today (April 26) in earnest.
Gayle Shearman, Conference Co-lay Leader and reserve delegate posted on the Cal-Nev Delegation Facebook page, "General Administration, after a full day of review and discussion of the organizational plans, we took a non-binding straw poll - 35 voted for a single agency board structure and 48 voted for a multi-board agency structure." She continues, "Remember this is non-binding. We are moving to legislation tomorrow morning."

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