Upper Room Offers Online Retirement Workshop

April 12, 2012

Enroll now for an online retirement workshop, "Retirement Matters: Transitions, Opportunities, Challenges," May 7-18, 2012.

This seminar offers those approaching retirement a better understanding of the personal transitions experienced in this phase of life. Led by Jack Hansen and Jerry Haas, participants also will explore the unique opportunities of retirement and talk about the important challenges of aging. 
The text for the course will be Shaping a Life of Significance for Retirement, by Jack Hansen and Jerry Haas. The seminar is designed for women and men preparing for retirement, for those in the first few years of retirement, and for professionals helping people plan and prepare for retirement (investment counselors, pastors, social workers, etc.). Participants will need to purchase the book separately.
Here is what one participant had to say:
"I would definitely recommend this class to anyone close to retirement, those just having retired, and those having retired a few years ago. The class discussions and resource book answer the questions of 'what now' and how to have fulfillment on the journey to knowing what 'now' is. Also, through the interaction with others, you don't feel like you're the only one not having all the answers about what retirement is. Oftentimes, the emotional part of retiring is not discussed/studied enough. This is what this class is all about." Vickie Waters
The course will be covered through six online assignments given on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, beginning Monday, May 7, 2012. Enrollment fee is $50.
To read more about the workshop, watch a short video, and enroll, visit www.BeADisciple.com.