Last Video in 'Dreaming of Vital Congregations' Series Is Released

April 12, 2012

It's here – the final video in the General Board of Discipleship's (GBOD) five-part series, Dreaming of Vital Congregations.

Did you know that basic Christian resources are not available in Central Conferences (Africa, the Philippines, and Europe)? It seems that in the places where there is the most growth, resources simply are not available – basic resources that we in the U.S. take for granted. GBOD has found that this last video, "Making Growth Sustainable: Providing Needed Resources in Central Conferences," impacts United Methodists in the U.S. more than any other.
The Dreaming of Vital Congregations series was conceived to help UMC clergy and lay leaders, including General Conference delegates, learn about and prayerfully consider areas of primary importance to the Church. Each video comes complete with a study guide.
Be a part of the growing number of church lay and clergy members to watch and comment on this thought-provoking series.
Get a group together at your church to view "Making Growth Sustainable: Providing Needed Resources in Central Conferences." Some suggested discussion questions: "What do I take for granted when I attend church each Sunday?" "How is it that the fastest growing areas of The United Methodist Church are those with the least resources?" "Will that ever change?"
All five of the videos in the series may be downloaded, along with their study guides (in PDF format).
Access file format options (and guides) by clicking on your choice below:
For Video 1, Church 2092: Transforming our Churches to Get There
For Video 2, Creating New Memories: The Art of Planting New Churches
For Video 3, Our Over-Messaged Lives: Finding Time for a Spiritual Life
For Video 4, A New Generation of Church Leaders: Training & Nurturing Young People
For Video 5, Making Growth Sustainable: Providing Needed Resources in Central Conferences
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