GC 2012: Follow Cal-Nev Delegation Through Social Media

April 11, 2012

Follow the work of the California-Nevada delegation to the 2012 General Conference through social media.

General Conference will take place April 24-May 4 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.
Delegates from the Cal-Nevada Annual Conference are Randall Miller (delegation chair), the Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Emily Allen, the Rev. Jeffrey Kuan, Yoshiro Nakajima, and the Rev. Dale Weatherspoon. A number of delegate reserves will join them in Tampa – including Delilah Fakalata, Katherine Kim, Conference co-Lay Leader Gayle Shearman, and the Revs. Greg Bergquist, Siosifa Hingano, Motoe Yamada, and Karen Oliveto.
They will be posting and tweeting throughout the conference at:
Facebook: CalNev@GC2012
Twitter: @cnumcdelegation
Blogs, Photos, etc.: calnevgc2012.shutterfly.com
Bookmark/follow them now so that you don't miss their posts and tweets, photos and videos. Cal-Nev Communications Director Cate Monaghan will be on site in Tampa as well, also keeping you dialed in to the action of General Conference through social media channels, as well as the Conference website.