New System for Background Checks, TRAK-1, Is Being Implemented

April 05, 2012

By Kelly Newell
Conference Director of Young People's Ministries and Camping

The California-Nevada Annual Conference is in the beginning stages of implementing the TRAK-1 system. This new, online system will be a consolidated, electronic database, and will have the ability to give clearance to individuals for work at the Conference, district, and local church level through background checks, references, and online Safe Sanctuary Training. 
In April 1996, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church adopted a resolution aimed at reducing the risk of abuse of children, youth, and vulnerable adults in our churches. As Christians, we must take our responsibilities to our children, youth, and vulnerable adults very seriously. We fail in our responsibilities if we neglect to take adequate precautions against abuse in our churches.
It is unlikely that we can prevent abuse completely, in every situation, but it is possible for us to reduce the risk greatly by following a thorough, practical policy of prevention.
This new system through TRAK-1 allows us an efficient, low cost way of being true to the covenant that we have in our ministry to young people and vulnerable others.
Please note that if you have had a Department of Justice (DOJ) background clearance through the Conference in the past, the "forever" clearance no longer is valid, due to changes in services and reporting through the state of California. Therefore, everyone will now be on a three-year cycle to renew his or her clearance. Those with previous "cleared" status have been transferred into our new system and will start a new three-year cycle beginning with 2012.   
If you would like more information or specific details about this program, please contact me at or 916.374.1515.