Share Your Ministry with a Stranger, to Change the World

March 29, 2012

Share your ministry with a stranger…you'll have less work for yourself and you'll make a new friend along the way.

Flip the 80/20 Rule
Change the World is just around the corner (May 19-20), and you may be wondering how you're going to achieve the goal you have in mind. After all, it's usually 20% of the people doing 80% of the work, right?
Share the Work, Make New Friends
Recent research demonstrates that young adults may be more willing to join in a church's mission activities as a first encounter, as opposed to showing up as a stranger on Sunday morning. With that being said, Change the World is a great opportunity to serve your community and welcome newcomers in the process. National Change the World advertising will share an invitation to serve with those outside of the local church, and will point them to a website where they can register for local activities. 
Advertise Well
For your local advertising, Rethink Church is offering a free kit to churches that register to Change the World. It includes a lawn banner, a Change the World t-shirt, and a sermon series DVD. Here are some tips for their use:
  • Position the lawn banner in a prominent location and use large lettering so people can see it from the nearest road. Minimize the number of words, and be sure to include your church's contact information. Use removable vinyl lettering so the banner can be reused in the future! 
  • Advertise your Change the World project in your local newspaper, using the editable graphics included on the DVD.
  • Display the Change the World poster (included on DVD) throughout town – especially in coffee shops, hair salons, grocery markets, and eateries! (Include places where teens and families go, too!)
  • Equip all ages in your congregation with business card-size invitations (included on DVD) so they can easily invite others to your location. 
  • Use the four-week Change the World sermon series (on DVD), beginning the Sunday after your project, so newcomers who've participated will have a familiar topic greeting them in worship. 
So this year, don't just do a Change the World project (alone) – invite others to help you! Remember, people have come to help – so make them feel welcomed. Celebrate your success. You'll accomplish missional goals and make new friends on behalf of the church.

Go to to register!