ACS Registration Opens Next Week

March 22, 2012

Registration for the California-Nevada Annual Conference Session – for observers and a few select categories – will open next week (by April 1, 2012).

It will not be necessary for clergy and lay members and alternate lay members to ACS to register.
People who should register are:
  • Clergy Spouses (if not clergy)
  • Observers (including pastors from another Annual Conference or denomination)
  • Observers, officially recognized UM Fellowship
  • Young Adult Delegates
  • Youth Delegates
If you are in one of those categories, you will need to sign up on line at A link to registration also will be posted on the 2012 ACS page (access that page by clicking on "Annual Conference Session," the first item under "Quick Links," located in the upper right side of the Home Page of the Conference website at
Again, registration will open by April 1, 2012 for ACS for clergy spouses (who are not clergy), observers, young adult delegates, and youth delegates.
Clergy and lay members and alternate lay members will not have to register this year.